Throughout life, one element has always been constant; Relationships. It germinates from a beautiful beginning as such meaningful friendships and then blossoms into a lifelong companionship.

At a point where two people feel different about each other, emotions stir up as deep as a feeling called “Love”; and then eventually breed significance out of one another. 

Relationships often would make a person feel safe and comfortable, but that is not always the footing. Sometimes love breeds sadness, anger, and anxiety which becomes persistent. Relationships take turns for the worse and can hurt individuals. Some of these impacts may be detrimental and pose a threat to the lives of potential victims.

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

It is however expedient for one to be aware of what is commonly called “Red Flags” in Relationships, or we can also refer to it as the Signs of a Toxic Relationship.

Abuse: you experience violence from your partner either physically, mentally, or emotionally; to exercise authority and control over your life is a 100% red flag. No one deserves to be treated ill to amass respect. Love is about understanding and trust. You don’t need to go to the extreme and be cruel to your partner because you want to exercise control. If two people love each other and understand themselves, there would be no need for abuse of any form. 

Competition: although the two people involved in a relationship have some things in common for you like about yourselves and that united you both, there are things you each possess that make one unique from the other. Everyone has his or her destiny separate from their partner. Becoming jealous of your partner’s progress, and opportunities and even demonstrating that feeling in a rather oppressive manner is bad. This should be reason enough to walk away.

Lack of support: support comes in many forms, it could be as little as giving a handkerchief to wipe off tears, a pat on the back or being always present for different milestones of the person’s life. It shows how much you care about your partner and how willing you are, to be present through thick and thin. It feels like gulping down a cold glass of juice on a sunny day.

Lack of Respect and Trust: one of the building blocks for a healthy relationship is these two elements; however, without it, the relationship crumbles down like a house built on sandy ground when it is hit by a storm. It is important to value your partner’s feelings and needs. You can build trust and respect by being open and honest with each other. Pay attention to the little and big things that matter.

vigilance regarding these red flags is not rooted in distrust but in a commitment to a relationship that withstands challenges. Identifying and addressing these warning signs early on creates a path for shared growth, understanding, and enduring love. In this journey, both partners thrive, creating a relationship that stands resilient through time.

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